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I would LOVE if we can assign tasks (specifically for me when filling out a request form) to a group.  For example, we have a request form for a service call so if on a project site one of our pieces of equipment goes down the project manager can fill out the information and route it to the office.  I want the request to go to all of our Project Administrators so that if someone is in a meeting someone else can see it.  And the first person that sees it can grab it.


But as employees come and go I have to manually remember to add them or remove them from the request form.  It would be great to just use the group so that is always up to date.

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+1 on this -- my team rotates work and when I'm OOO it would be nice to know they still have viz into new projects coming, instead of me having to remember to edit the 3 forms that different teams use to submit requests.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

It would be extremely helpful to be able to assign tasks to a group, since they share a skillset and do similar work, they can share and review similar tickets.


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