Request customization

I'm using Request forms a lot and I love it!

But I would like to suggest some improvements:

- To be able to redirect an answer to another question (for the moment we can only redirect to a new page, or submit)

- Have the possibility to add some objects like: link, images, videos, document, etc

- Customize a template to use it as a marketing tool (with graphical chart of the company)


Thank you for your help!

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To add to this suggestion, one functionality that would really come in handy would be the ability to copy a question and paste it in another section of the form.  For example, I create a drop down menu that has a huge list of selections that I would like to use in another part of the form as well.  At the moment, I have to recreate the entire question all over again.  Helpful when you're branching people to different pages but may need to duplicate some of the information.

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