Profile Calendars - Reassign Tasks vs. Adjust Due Date

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I'm looking for an option that keeps a project on track while its members are out of the office.

A user's Profile Calendar (not project calendar) lets them enter their days off, but it looks like it currently only provides the option to push due dates or shorten durations for tasks that occur while they're out.

Why isn't it possible to reassign these tasks to another user? This seems like a fairly straightforward and common solution for tasks that need to happen, regardless of who's on vacation.

Currently, we have many projects built from templates, and users' out-of-office schedules royally mess with task dependencies. If task reassignment was an option, even if the reassignment wasn't communicated properly, the new assignee still gets a notification of their new tasks.

Please advise / assist. Thank you!

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My organization is still a couple weeks out from our Wrike deployment, but as we explored Wrike, this option for people to enter their vacation seemed "almost helpful but not quite." Again, we haven't been using Wrike live yet, but what strikes me as the most helpful option is that when someone enters a vacation that conflicts with a project schedule, the project owner(s) are simply notified so they can manually come up with a solution. While some organizations may be able to have the same workaround for every team member vacation, I imagine most will need a custom solution for each individual vacation conflict. 


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