Excel Export Issues

Has anyone had the following issue? It i driving me crazy. 

When I export a project or a report, the Time (hh:mm) export as a date time entry. It shows in the field correctly but if you click on the cell in formula bar it is reading either M/D/YYYY (1/2/1900  8:00:00 AM) or time (8:00:00 AM). When I try to change the format to a number format, it converts to a value unrelated to the hours originally shown, for example, 56:00 converts to 2.33. I need to pull this information to do calculations for reporting. Are there any settings that I am unaware of that need to be changed in Wrike?

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Hi Suzanne, I can see you've reached out to Support about this and they've requested a screenshot of what you're seeing.

From what I can see this is how Excel displays this type of captured data however if you follow up with Support's email with a screen capture of what's happening, they can review and suggest some workarounds 👍

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