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Hey Wrikers!
If you've seen my posts around the Community in the past you may have noticed that my badge has changed a little bit recentlyI'm now part of Team Wrike! I joined as a Deployment Consultant helping businesses adopt Wrike (how cool is that!?)
I plan to stay active in the Community, I have a recurring task for that! ;-) The Community helps me keep a pulse on the user experience and helps me think like one of my clients. I also love to help those who share my affinity for Wrike. am after all a Black Belt (*dusts off shoulder*) - Wrike's way of loving on an active community member. As a member, I found the Community a great place to discuss solutions and workarounds with fellow members, and to offer suggestions directly to Wrike. 
Speaking of... I wanted to give you a little insider glimpse (behind the scenes of the Community, so to speak). I had NO idea the level to which the Wrike crew reacts to user feedback. The team literally has syncs with the Product Team where they pull up Community forum reports. BTW, did you know we have almost 600 people here?!? - That was way more than I expected.   
So, the Product Team is eager to hear what is said. They want to act on as much as they can (within reason). The Community Team uses a very clever API integration to pull all feedback posts into Wrike as tasks and Custom Fields show votes (and some other snazzy data about those votes). This and other data helps steer decisions internally. These tasks are then shown to PMs as a Wrike Report - which is very Wrike-y savvy!
So, Wrike it or not - I am here to stay!  Keep up the active posting! 
- Patrick 

Patrick Rohlfsen Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager En savoir plus sur les fonctionalités et les meilleures pratiques grace à nos Webinaires online

Patrick Rohlfsen Wrike Team member En savoir plus sur les fonctionalités et les meilleures pratiques grace à nos Webinaires online

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