Place Holder Assignments for Tasks, ie Assigned to a Job Title rather than person

Allowing a task to be assigned to a job title rather than a person. This would be helpful for offices that have multiple people that can complete a task. They would all be notified that a task has been created and then they could work on it collaboratively or claim it as their own task. 

This would also be helpful in the instance that a corporate office is creating Projects that are then customized by offices for their process. The corporate office could use job status assignments as placeholders that they offices could then know what employees they should plug into their projects based on the corporate suggestion of job title. 

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Hi Kelli, great suggestion!

I think the best way forward with this idea is using User Groups as assignees, however, Wrike is purpose-built so that individuals can be assigned. This is due to the idea that things usually get done when one person is assigned responsibility of a task 🙂

You can share a task with a User Group which might be a useful workaround for now. This way every person in the group will be notified that they've been mentioned in a task and one or more people who need to work on it can be assigned or assign themselves. You can share easily by commenting (and the members will get a notification) or by clicking the share icon above the description field.

Your suggestion will be included in the Reports we send to the Product Team and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the above workaround 👍

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

That is not the same thing.  What she needs is for the task to be able to be assigned to the group.  So where it says Ben B. to be able to add Marketers as a group to the assignees by clicking the "+" next to Ben B, then selecting "Marketers" there.  This is what would be helpful. 


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