SCRUM methods & Wrike

Would love to know how those using SCRUM as their pm framework are using Wrike to manage their projects and if you have any tips/tricks for live sprint planning, burndown, organizing, reporting, etc.? 

Also, if you have any 3rd party apps/integrations to fill the gaps until Wrike has the needed features for proper sprint planning/reporting.

We currently have custom dashboards to show our current sprint but we are at a loss for most everything else. 



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I found this article very helpful. Let me know if it helps! I am getting used to WRIKE and SCRUM, so I do not have much more for you here

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As of writing, that guide appears to be a bit out of date and for me at least, does not explain the process with enough disambiguation .

e.g. They want you to change the settings on the "Scrum" folder but there are TWO SCRUM folders and they don't tell you which one they are talking about.

I found this post because I tried to follow that guide twice and things are not working as they should.


I found these other resources which give more detail:

Look for the (also out of date) video for KanBan halfway down the page:


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Any other new resources for Sprints? I keep finding posts like this but everything is outdated. Any 2022 Agile, Sprint How to tips out there?

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Hi Lea Labastida! As I was saying on a different thread, I'd recommend taking a look at the newer use case template called Team Agile - Scrum. Can you check if you see it in the template gallery? 

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