Project Panel - Should not look like a task

We use projects for nearly everything.  But the project panel is essentially just a task.  It is not a good UI experience and I do not see how it really serves a purpose.

When I think of a project information panel that is useful I want to see things like:

  • Project Directory (as an example we are a design consultant)
  •   Architect
  •   Engineer
  •   Client General Manager
  •   Client District Manager
  •   Etc....  there is a long list of contacts I would love to put here
  • Internal Stakeholders
  •   Designer
  •   Project Manager
  •   Etc.
  • Budget Tracking
  •   How much is available?
  •   How much did I spend?


I know you can do all of this in the description field or in an attachment but it is really a makeshift solution.  This needs to be far more robust to really serve as a project hubspot.

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I was thinking "custom fields" that ONLY showed up at the Project Level would take care of most of this.

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