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We have a company, but then a couple of divisions.  Currently, our Dashboard is set up with widgets for items waiting payment, waiting further information, and waiting authorization, among others.  Instead of just seeing each of those in a mass grouping, is it possible to have them divided up by the company divisions? For example:  Division ABC and each of these categories. Division EFG and each of these categories, etc.


Thanks for your input!

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Hi Cindy, thanks for your post. Dashboard widgets are created from a single source Folder/Project so perhaps reviewing your Folder set-up could provide a solution here. For example, if you have a Folder named Companies, with each division you mentioned as a Subfolder, you can then create a custom Dashboard widget for each company to see detail just related to this company's tasks. This won't group the folders, but it will give you a selection of Dashboards to individually see each company.
If you want to group company Folders in the Dashboard view, you could create text Custom Fields to identify which companies you want to see in the Dashboard. Then when creating your new Dashboard widget, filter by the desired Custom Fields (companies you want to see in this view).
Looking forward to hearing what you think of the above solutions. You may also find this upcoming Ask the Expert webinar about Monitoring Your Work useful and will cover how to utilize Dashboards and Reports to keep track of ongoing work and create visibility with your team.
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