Release Notes-May 10

Feature Updates

  • The Beginning of Offline on iOS 
    • We've made the first foray into offering some offline features for iOS. For this release, we've updated the app so that now, if you've opened a task while online and then go offline you'll still be able to read the information from that task. For now, offline view is a read-only view so you can't make changes while offline. 
  • Task Stream on iOS
    • There's an updated task stream on iOS which makes it easier to distinguish comments from other updates. 
  • Timeline and Workload View on Android
    • Android now has a faster Timeline View and now you can also use the Workload View from the app! Click the Folder menu button and select "View on Workload" to open the Workload View.


  • Remind Password Option on Mobile
    • If you tried using the "Forgot password" option from a mobile app (we all have to at some point), the page opened but it didn't look so hot. Now it looks nice and spiffy again. 
  • Text Mix-Up in Email Notifications 
    • Before, email notifications about Folders and Projects stated "You got this update because you created the task". We've cleared things up and now if the notification is about a Folder/Project it says so.
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