summarize recorded time from subtasks

dear wrike-team and -community,

it's really easy to see how much time was spent on a task, but is it somehow possible to include his subtasks? In my mindset the mother-task would be a particular project phase. Every of his subtasks has its own entries. I would like to summarize them all (entries of mother and all children).



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Hi Finn, thanks for your post. Currently, time spent on tasks doesn't roll up into the parent task's time. A reason for this is that the parent task's time spent can be assigned to a manager and their time to complete this parent task is not connected to the subtasks.
As a workaround, you can go to Table View, export to excel and use this format to quickly sum up the total times across all tasks which may be helpful for what you're looking to do.
There's a Product Feedback post Auto add time spent on subtask to parent task by David that may interest you. As Anastasia mentions in this post that in Table View you can also see this total time spent at Project level which might be helpful to you.
Any questions, let me know!
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