How to map a repeatable process in Wrike

Hi everyone, the below is one of my favorite steps for people to do before they actually create a template in Wrike. Check out the steps below and use the google doc to start filling in your own processes. 

Let us know how it goes or if you have any questions.


The purpose of this template, in the frame of adopting Wrike, is to understand your activities, how each task is linked to each other, and who is involved in each step.

With this information, it’s easier to propose a Folder structure and create templates designed around your workflow and with appropriate sharing settings. How to fill it out:

1. List all process steps. How would you explain what you do to your grandmother or to your hairdresser? Sometimes it helps to start at the end (the last step generates the final deliverable) and work backward.

2. For each step, list what output is generated: information, materials, decisions, deliverables, a report, an email.

3. Fill out the linked Responsibility Assignment matrix: for each task, define the role of different stakeholders.

• Responsible: the person doing the work

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Is there something that actually walks me through how to create a process map in Wrike? This template isn't very helpful.

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