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It would be great to add to this feature to be able to duplicate a task multiple times at once. For instance, I need to add a task for all managers to complete so I have to duplicate it 10 times or more. It would be great if there were an option to duplicate it "x" # of times.


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Hi Stephanie! Great question - this is actually possible, to do it you'd need to set up a chain of Recurring Tasks. In fact, we've recently launched a beta program with new recurring tasks logic. You can try out the functionality as it is now, and if you'd like to give the beta program a go, just let me know and I'll be happy to assist with setting this up. To create a recurrence:

  1. Open a task.
  2. Click on the task's menu icon, and select "Make recurrent".
  3. Choose the required limits, add details, and save the recurrence.

Happy to answer any other questions about this! :)

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How would this functionality work if I wanted to create all of the tasks with the same start/end date?  I have a similar workflow to Stephanie wherein we will create individual review tasks for each team member to review a document.  Each task should be identical except for the person it is assigned to.  

We initially tried checklists in the description but we have collaborator users and they are not able to check a box in the description due to functionality limitations.  

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What I've found most helpful in this case Jeremiah is to create a task for myself to ensure all managers (or team members) review the document or whatever is required and then create a subtask and duplicate the subtask assigning to each manager/team member. 

I hope that's helpful!


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Hi all,

I have a workaround for this since it seems they aren't going to add this obviously necessary and SUPER BASIC feature.

Create Project "TASKS TEMPLATE"

Duplicate Project "TASKS TEMPLATE" and rename it "TASKS TEMPLATE 2"

Select all Tasks in TASKS TEMPLATE 2

A menu should come up on the right (or it may require a right-click after multiple task selection).  Anyhow, see screenshot for this one.

Choose MOVE TO and then choose the Project you want these tasks moved to.

Delete TASKS TEMPLATE 2 (and keep original TASKS TEMPLATE for future use)


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