Accessibility of full project card from report list

I saw and appreciate Wrike's constant upgrades to improve the user's accessibility to the projects, except for this new one.

After this weekend update to the reports capabilities, I was hoping for a work around or maybe, a hidden secret door to go back to the old view.

I like viewing our project list using my report lists.

Today, I noted that when I click on a project from a list view (reports), it no longer opens a new window showing me the project card along with the list of tasks under it and the specific project task on a separate column to the right.

It is now only coming up as a pop-window showing only the project card and the activities under that specific project header.

I want to be able to click on a project from a project report list, let that action open a new window that takes me to the project card with all the associated tasks listed under it.

Is there a new work around, a quick key that we're missing or do not know about?

Anyone? Thanks!

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Hi Susan, thank you for sharing this as a separate post too! I noticed that you and Stephanie figured out a solution (right clicking and selecting "Open in new tab") in the Report Update post, but I appreciate that you've posted this here as well. Thanks for sharing your feedback so quickly after a release, this is always helpful!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Right click to open a list view is hidden and clunky. There is no reason that there shouldn't be an option in the more menu to View Tasks of the project. The reports can be very helpful to summarize and use for management discussions - not explicitly linking to content already structured appropriately in your app is poor user experience.


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