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Is there a way to see how many items are in a folder? i.e. when a new request has been submitted, there is no indication on the folder top view there is anything in there, be good to see a number to indicate there is somethng there and needs attention?  Unless I have missed something really obvious that i'm not doing.



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Hi Heather, this is an interesting idea. A very similar suggestion was posted, Notifications Count (next to Projects),  some weeks ago. It would be great if you could upvote this suggestion so we can keep all feedback on this in one place so other members can find, vote and discuss it further. 
One quick thing: if you click on the List or Table View, for example, you will see a number stating the number of tasks in that Folder. There's not a notification for new items within the Folder, but the basic count is there if it's helpful. 
Thank you for sharing!
Ps, I'll mark this post as duplicate and direct to the post I've suggested above. Thanks!
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