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Note from Wrike Team: Check out A Need For InstaChat to vote for the original request.


May I suggest introducing a chat or instant messages function of some sort? My team needs to have two types of discussion:

1. the whole team can suggest ideas over a few days. We can currently do this via a task and comments but I have to manually assign it to each team member.

2. small numbers of people active on a live project (made up of a number of different tasks) on a given day need to be able to quickly tell each other what they are doing or have specific items allocated to them. Individuals may join and leave this chat without it affecting their task. There is a record of this chat and it can be linked to specific tasks.

Does anybody else have similar needs to justify this kind of development?

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Hi Chris, this is an interesting idea. Perhaps you could take a look at Andrey's post where we have been gathering votes and discussing a chat option in Wrike. Feel free to vote and comment your thoughts there. I'll change this post to duplicate to direct other members to the one post.
I can also mention here that we have a Slack integration which teams find useful. Slack is a messaging tool and we have Wrike integrations where you can create, preview and get Wrike notifications directly from Slack.
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