[Launched 🚀] Save/Undo button for timeline (Gantt)

I frequently need to slide tasks and projects around on the timeline to see how moving them will affect other projects on the schedule. Frequently, though, I need to undo one move (or several) and put things back "the way they were." Other PM software I've used has a save button on the timeline, and it's immensely helpful. I hope you'll be able to add this critically important feature.


Larry Phung
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it is such a basic function that I forgot how important it is... 

it is so inconvenient and annoying! 😖

not even talking about the cases in which i am aware of my mistake.

i wasted a lot of time searching the mistake i made....

so unfriendly and frustrating

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Hi Wrike team,

Any updates on this undo function? My team & I are currently in the trail period & love the software, but the lack of an "Undo" or "Save" button could be an absolute dealbreaker.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Wrike team,
I apologize for English - this Google translation :)
It is solidary with everyone who writes about this function in this branch.
I am now in search of an online alternative to the MS Project and have tried many services.
Already I was ready to stop my choice for GanttPro, but I caught the eye of advertising your service.
I liked almost all aspects of your service.
I have already suggested to my colleagues (in the project office of the federal retailer) to test it.
But I've already re-imported all the data several times. After the transfer of the task on the diagram, the gantt could not return the previous form.
Unfortunately, I do not see the possibility of moving our company to your service, as long as it does not have such a very simple and necessary function.

The Wrike team, I ask you to finally hear your current and potential customers, to cease for more than a year to promise to communicate something, find resources and implement this functionality.

P.S.: It seems that you do not plan this functionality (in the near future or at all), but do not dare to honestly state this, because you yourself understand that this is necessary and that you have no undeniable arguments against the implementation of this functionality.


На случай, если тут есть участники, знающие русский:

Привет команда Wrike.
Солидарен со всеми, кто в данной ветке пишет о необходимости данной функции.
Я сейчас нахожусь в поиске онлайн альтернативы MS Project и испробовал много сервисов.
Уже был готов остановить свой выбор на GanttPro, но на глаза попалась реклама вашего сервиса.
Мне практически во всех аспектах понравился ваш сервис.
Я уже предложил своим коллегам (в проектном офисе федерального ритейлера) его протестировать.
Но я уже несколько раз импортировал заново все данные, т.к. после переноса задачи на диаграмме гантта не мог вернуть прежний вид.
К сожалению я не вижу возможности перейти нашей компании на ваш сервис, пока в нём нет такой очень простой и необходимой функции.

Команда Wrike, прошу вас уже наконец-то услышать ваших текущих и потенциальных клиентов, перестать уже больше года обещать о чём-то сообщить, найти ресурсы и реализовать этот функционал.

P.S.: Складывается впечатление, что вы не планируете данный функционал (в ближайшем будущем или вообще), но не решаетесь об этом честно заявить, т.к. сами понимаете, что это нужно и что у вас нет никаких неоспоримых аргументов против реализации данного функционала.

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Hi Wrike Team,

As a Marketing Project Coordinator and working in Wrike every day, I have found that an undo button would be extremely useful when moving dates and tasks, especially in the Gantt Chart view. 

I understand there is a stream view which shows you the recent activity in the projects/tasks. However, this is a much longer way of working. I think, and with the support from others in this forum, an undo button would make working in Wrike a lot more efficient and useful when organizing and re-structuring projects/tasks. 

Marketing Project Coordinator

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I applied the STREAM option and was able to Restore some accidentally deleted tasks....thanks David Carter.!

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Liebes Wrike Team,

Ist schon bekannt, ab wann die Undo Taste eingeführt wird? Wir rollen die Software gerade in der Firma aus. Dabei sind bereits einige Aufgaben unbeabsichtigt verschoben oder gar gelöscht worden. Um solche Missgeschicke können zwar nicht verhindert, aber mit der Undo Taste sehr einfach behoben werden.

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Hi Wrike Team, 

The undo button for the Gant-Chart would be a great thing, currently a lot of us waste time with correcting accidents...

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This is a big deal. Please fix. Thanks.

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When moving tasks around in Gannt chart view, some of the moves break the dependencies. So an undo option would really help revert in situations where I want to roll back changes.  Thanks

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Hi Wrike Team,

I am in complete agreement with the comments in this thread. Just to reiterate/expand on a few points, here are a couple functions that are critical to successful project planning and management: 

1) Ctrl Z/back button and restore-able revision history. Wrike has this functionality for task and project descriptions; however where it is truly the most crucial is in the Gantt view. As many people in this forum have said, it is so easy to accidentally move or delete a task, etc. Having not only a record (which is provided to an extent in the Stream view), but also an option in which you can restore a previous version would be invaluable to project planning. 

2) "Sandbox" or "Simulation" Mode for scenario building. Project managers often like to play around with different timelines for multiple projects without immediately affecting everyone in each project. This was described early on in this thread: "The key though is being able to move different tasks/milestones/projects around and then either hit Save and keep the changes, or exit out of the "sandbox" mode and cancel the changes. This is especially helpful when you realize that by moving something you've broken a dependency (or multiple dependencies) and need to abort." (Larry Phung). 

Please get at least a Ctrl Z command going -it is stressful knowing we could accidentally ruin a project just by fat-fingering in the Gantt view. 



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Good news guys 🙌See here for information about the recently released undo functionality in Gantt view!

Your feedback is essential to ensure any enhancements to this feature meet your needs. So please feel free to let us know what you like and what you'd like to see more of on the post 👍


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