Option to Export XLS in MS Project Format

I'm just starting to use Wrike and am trying to get my team on board so that we can use it for the entire project team. One of the biggest issues we're facing is that senior management are currently unable to view the project timelines and task list offline (when flying, etc). I have been looking at exporting to Excel and importing to MS Project which would be a feasible option, but the column headings seem to complicate what should be a simple process - which the management won't want to (and shouldn't need to learn). Is it possible to have a feature which exports Excel files with the appropriate headings for easy import into Project? I can't imagine it would take long to implement and would be an easy win for a lot of customers.


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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Dave :) Welcome to Wrike. I think another Wrike user, Remi, may have written a post that could help in this situation. It looks like he is using php script to help make the transfer easier. 

Does your senior management team just need to see Wrike data while they're offline or do they need to be able to make changes/updates as well? If they only need to view the data then, there are a couple of options that may be easier:

  • Reports - you can create Reports (while online), and then share that Report with yourself or with others so that you can view the Report while offline. 
  • Timeline Snapshot - this let's you take a static view of a Timeline and then you can view the timeline at any point (again, this is a view only option). 

However, in both cases you would have to load the Report and Snapshot in your browser window before disconnecting from wifi. 

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