Meet Our Team-Renee Olson

Hi everyone,

This week we’re sharing an employee spotlight on Renee Olson. Renee is a Customer Success Manager (CSM) based out of our San Jose headquarters.

Let’s start with the basics

How long have you been at Wrike?

It’s been 6 months so far.

What’s a Customer Success Manager?

We work with teams to help them implement Wrike. We talk through your processes and goals and then work with you to set up Wrike to make sure you’re using the tool to achieve those goals.

The fun stuff

What type of teams do you work with?

I work with all types of teams: a lot of marketing, product development, learning development teams, and recruiting. And from all types of companies.

What do you wish all users knew?

Complexity is not your friend. When people first join Wrike, the tendency is to make things more complicated, but you want to make things as simple as possible to help make adoption and usability easier. Even the most complex process can be broken down - and that’s your goal. CSMs can help you do that :)

What do you love most about your job?

Our product. It fits so many different teams and I love that. Plus, it helps people get closer to Inbox zero and that’s great for everyone.

What do you think makes a team successful in Wrike?

Hands down having a good champion within the company. You want someone who can be a leader, handle change management, and use their CSM as a resource. Champions are going to be the ones helping make sure Wrike is rolled out and helping to translate existing processes into Wrike.

If you could have all teams do one thing, what would it be?

Build team and personal Dashboards. For the personal Dashboard, you want a Dashboard that helps you understand what’s on your plate and forecast for the future. It’ll help you be more proactive vs. reactive. For team Dashboards, you want to build a Dashboard with your team in mind (the things they most need to keep an eye on). It’ll help give everyone visibility into how things are going and helps to eliminate or improve status meetings.

What do you think most users don’t take enough advantage of?

Dashboards and Reporting. That’s what I spend the most time going over with people.

What characters do you use for your demo environment?

Parks and Rec. I’m probably going to start adding Star Wars characters in soon.

Have questions for Renee? Ask them in the comments below.

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