Ability to Add Leads and Lags for Dependencies

Putting this over here in the Product Feedback section to get some perspectives of fellow users and hopefully some votes for an important feature that is not currently in Wrike - the ability to add leads and lags to a dependency.  I understand the concept of adding a date constraint, but as another user indicated, if you change the date of the predecessor, it does not shift the date of the successor task.  So if I know that I need to add three days lag from the time I send a request for an SOW and when I receive it, there's no current way to do it without a lot of manual intervention/workaround.

I REALLY REALLY like Wrike, as does my team, but we need certain features to make the tool more useful and seamless.


Thank-you so much for your consideration of this very crucial piece to managing complex, date-driven projects!!

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I agree.  We use lags to represent delivery of purchased materials. 

i.e. receipt of new laptop is a 2 week lag after the PO is placed.  Of course, I can just make this the duration of the task, but then that resource would look over allocated for those 2 weeks.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Scott, thanks for adding your vote to this request!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

No lag option, please add this functionality!

As a quick-win you can add another task called "Lag for certain task" and connect it between the tasks that you need to separate with a lag.


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