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What's New in Wrike - November

November’s edition of What's New in Wrike outlines updates on New Table view, Request Forms, Automation, and more!

New Table view — Group items, view files, and see tasks in simple list layout

Available to all users on all plans.

We've added the ability to group items on the New Table view by various item properties: status, assignee, visible custom fields, and more. To apply the grouping, click Group on the toolbar and select the grouping property. Once items are grouped, you can choose to collapse or expand specific groups. It is possible to drag and drop to move items from one group to another, thereby changing their property and filter and sort items.


You can filter and sort items, as well as see subitems even when they are grouped. It is also possible to see the SUM sub-total on groups (only the first level of items that are grouped are summed up).

We've introduced a new column in the Table view — Files. Through this column, you can see the number of files attached to each item along with their preview. Conveniently, you can open attachments directly from the Table view.


Another important addition is the option to see items in a single list layout, similar to the List view. You can access this layout through the Subitems button on the toolbar and select your viewing preference — a single list of tasks (items) or the structure including projects and folders.


You can read more details about these improvements in this Community post.

Request Forms — Improved branching options & multi-space selection available for space-level forms

Available to space and account admins on Team plan and higher accounts.

With the new form builder, you can now see a splitting arrow icon next to options with conditional branching, eliminating the need to click on the question to check.


Also, in space-level request forms, you can now select additional spaces, to save responses in multiple locations. This feature also allows you to use custom fields from those other spaces in your request form.


We have introduced the option Add follow-up question -> Paragraph, which appears when clicking on the branching icon on answers in a Single-answer and Importance-type question.


Automation — Automation templates & new actions added

Available to space and account admins on Team plan and higher accounts.

You can now make use of 50+ rule templates available for space-level rules, saving you the time of creating rules from scratch.


Also, we've introduced AI-powered suggestions. While creating automation rules, it is possible to access AI suggestions that are personalized. These suggestions are based on the repetitive activity of the users’ space.


If you don’t see this option, please feel free to enable AI suggestions for Automation rules in Wrike Labs.

We've also introduced two new actions in Automation integrations: Create events in the Outlook calendar and Create email campaigns in MailChimp. When clicking on one of these options for the first time, users will be asked to select an existing Outlook or Mailchimp account and to log into their accounts. Once this step is completed, the Outlook or Mailchip account will be available in the Select account options of the rule.


In connection with this new addition, Automation now logs calls to and responses from external systems made through automation in the Activity report. For example, if an event is created in Outlook Calendar via an automation rule, the action will be logged in the activity report. This data will be located in the Integrations tab of the Operations section:


Also, we've added the actions Set task subitem’s status to and Set project subitem’s status to.


New Dashboards — Enhanced widget management

Available from Wrike Labs.

On the New Dashboards, we've enriched widget menu options: show or hide item locations, choose to display items as a hierarchy or a flat list, and change display mode between table or list.

Additionally, the + Add widget button now appears on all dividing lines on the dashboard for convenient widget placement.

We’ve added the Swap button to easily exchange rows, individual widgets, and columns; and the Align button to apply consistent widget sizes across a row/column within a single click.

And also, now users can choose if they want the dashboard widgets to be displayed in columns or rows using the new Change layout button in the dashboard toolbar.

You can learn more details about these and other enhancements related to New Dashboards in this Community post.

Custom Fields — Convert Personal space custom fields to account-level

Available to account admins and owner on Business plan and higher accounts.

Users can now convert custom fields that belong to their personal spaces to account-level fields via the space's custom field management panel.


Item View — Small UI update

Available to all users on all plans.

We have added a small update to the Item view and now, when scrolling down, the top fields switch to a compact display mode to present more information underneath.

Search — Hotkeys Added

Available to all users on all plans.

We have implemented new search hotkeys: for Mac users, use Cmd+K, and Windows users should use Ctrl+K.

Workflows — Pure red color is back

Custom workflows are available for all users on Team and higher accounts.

We have listened to your feedback and we brought back the pure red color as a status color option in workflows.


Wrike Desktop App — New version available

Our latest Desktop App (v4.2.1) comes with several fixes: these include issues with the Google Drive picker, Dropbox picker, task list printing, launching the app via desktop/taskbar shortcuts in Windows, and workspace themes.