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What's New in Wrike - September

This edition of What's New in Wrike brings you exciting updates to the New Table view, New Dashboards, and much more!

Wrike Lightspeed updates

New Table view — New aggregation panel, dates rollup, and a new option to export the table to Excel added

We have enhanced the option to aggregate data in the New Table view! Now, when you select several cells in a column on the New Table view, an aggregation panel will appear at the bottom right corner showing the sum, average, minimum, and maximum of your selected values. This feature only applies to number, currency, percent, duration, and date types. For dates, just MIN and MAX aggregations will be shown.


Additionally, we added rollups for start and due dates. Now it is possible to set up an automatic calculation of various sub-tasks on individual cells using MIN/MAX buttons that appear on hover, or for a whole column in the table through the Calculate subitems menu. We have also implemented a checkbox with a note about the system behavior to avoid overwriting existing values unexpectedly.


You can learn more details about these improvements in this Community post.

But that’s not all! You can now export to Excel data displayed on the view currently. The option Export this table to Excel is located under the three-dot toolbar menu.


New Dashboards — Labs release

Available on Team and higher plans.

Account admins and owners can now enable the New Dashboards feature for their entire account in Wrike Labs.


This new version of Dashboards comes with a set of significant improvements, including a new look and feel for widgets, that now can be based on tasks, projects, and custom item types; allows you to display as many columns of data as you wish (including custom fields!) and new sorting options. Above all of these improvements, New Dashboards make it possible to display your data in different charts. Learn more about it in this Community post, or the Help Center article.


New Board view — Toolbar update and grouping by assignee available

We improved the user experience by making changes to the toolbar of the New Board view. The button Fields has been renamed to Cards and instead of seeing the option Edit workflow, you will now see the Columns button, which offers more options for customization.


We have also added a new option to group your tasks by assignee, which allows you to better manage your resources. When using this option, unassigned tasks will also be grouped together.


On top of that, you can reassign tasks by dragging and dropping them from one assignee group to another. When doing so, the old assignee will be removed and replaced by the new assignee.

Additionally, we added the possibility to choose if you wish to see parent items on task cards.


Please note that only direct parent items are shown on cards. If the direct parent item is the location that's currently displayed on the board, then it won't be shown.

Item view — UI update

We've heard your feedback and implemented a new option so that you can decide how to display the information in your Item view. With the new "mode switcher" for the Item view, you can now choose your preferred layout, either with fields in the side panel or at the top of the description field. Your More/Less view settings will be saved and applied when reopening the Item view.


Also, when the fields are shown in the Item view (not the side panel, data will be displayed in multiple columns if the size of the screen allows it. You can learn more details about this enhancement here.

Apps & Integrations — New Integrations gallery

We've launched the new integration gallery for accounts with the Wrike Lightspeed enabled. The gallery now offers a clearer view of used and available integrations and comfortable navigation.


Custom Fields — Easy way to remove (or add) fields from location added

Available in New Board view and New Table view on Team plan and higher.

Before: adding or removing a custom field from a location (project, folder, or space) was done from the Custom Fields management panel, space settings or account settings.

Now: you can do it right from the New Table view and New Board view. Simply click the three-dot menu next to the field in the field selector.


Automation — People-type custom fields available in actions

Available on Team and higher plans.

We keep improving our Automation and adding new options! The action to change custom fields now supports People-type custom fields.

Request Forms — New design and additional functionality!

Available to all users on Team plan and above.

Wrike's request forms got a huge update that includes:

  • A completely new look and feel that aligns with Wrike Lightspeed and the rest of the workspace. Plus, the form settings panel is now on the left and some questions were renamed: Short answer -> Single-line text, Single select -> Single answer, Checkboxes -> Multiple answers, User -> Assignee, File attachments -> Attachment.

  • You can now add new questions from anywhere within a form page using the + button. The same + button also allows adding new form pages and section headers.

  • The new Use custom fields as options button allows quickly mapping custom fields to Single answer, Multiple answers, or Importance questions.

  • You no longer need to choose where to map the answers because they can be mapped to the title, description, and custom fields simultaneously using toggles in the Add answer to dropdown.

  • The logic of using custom fields has changed. Now in space-level request forms, you can only use account-level custom fields and custom fields that belong to the form's space. In account-level request forms, only account-level custom fields are available. The same changes happened to workflows in request forms. Plus, it's no longer possible to set space-level forms to save submitted items outside of the space.

  • The logic behind creating forms has changed as well. Now, when you want to create an account-leve request form you have to do it from the account settings. To create a space-level form you should create it from space settings.