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What's New in Wrike - May

This May edition of What's New in Wrike brings you some exciting updates to the features that you already know and love. We cover the updates to the Table view, Work Item view, some new exciting releases, and much more!

Table view - Mass actions, custom fields roll-up, and more!

We have made the Table view even better with these improvements:

Three-Dot Menu Option Display: We've grouped the menu options to make it easier for users to understand how they affect the view for them and other users 1 .


Editable Location Field2 The new Location field shows all projects and folders an item is tagged in, and can be edited by clicking on it. Note, this feature is not available on Team plan accounts.

Undo Button for Item Deletion: When items are deleted, users will now see a pop-up with an UNDO button.

Enabling Project Progress: Users can enable project progress from both the Table view and the Item view. In the Table view, make sure the parent row for the project is visible, and double-click the cell in the project parent row.

Mass Actions: Users can update the status of items, assign and delete items with mass actions. To use them, hover over the items, check the box to the left of the item's name, and mass actions will appear on the toolbar.


Custom Fields Rollup: Users can now enable roll-up for multiple items in column settings. Click the three-dot button on the column, hover over Calculate subitems, and select the items to roll up data for. Note, roll-up is available for Number, Percent, Currency, and Duration-type fields. Additionally, users can now roll up custom field values at the task level. Hover over the task's custom field cell, click SUM, and sub-item custom field values will roll up for the parent item.


Item View - Name changed, updated design, and new exciting functionality

Toolbar Added and Name Changed: The Work Item view is now simply called Item view and features a toolbar above the description field. This toolbar contains quick links to Subtasks, Files, and Dependencies sections, as well as options to start Approvals and Timer.


Removed Hidden Sections: Hidden sections are now removed from the Item view. Hidden fields are situated in the More fields section, and items created from a custom item type will not display the section/fields set as hidden (except for automatic approvals by custom workflow).

Sharing and Following for Folders and Projects: Users can now follow/unfollow folders and projects in Item view to receive updates on changes to the project/folder and their items. Also, we've added a Share button that opens the sharing dialog when clicked and shows share details when hovered over.


Email Updates Enabled: Users can now update Wrike items using email via the Item view, a feature previously available only in the Task view and project/folder info panels' Copy Permalink menu.

Enable Project Progress: It is now possible to enable Project Progress from the sidebar of the Item view.

Google Calendar and Zoom Integration: Users can now connect items/tasks with Google Calendar and Zoom directly from the Item view, which was previously only available in the Task view.

Print: Users can now print items from the Item view using the Print option under the three-dot menu.


Wrike's Automation - Space Automation Available for All Items

Before automation rules in spaces only allowed automating space-level custom item types. Now you can select all types of items in space automation including regular tasks and projects and account-level custom item types. Plus, you can specify where the rule will apply: the entire space or in up to 10 specific folders/projects within the space.

Search - Suggestions in Quick Search Results

Wrike workspace search is now able to detect if the search query looks like a navigational request and suggests a couple of hints on top of the main search results for quick navigation. E.g. If you type in Blueprints, it'll offer you a link to the Blueprints section of the workspace. Suggestions are context-aware, so, for example, if you are an admin of some space and you type in "automation," the quick search will suggest a link to your space's automation settings.


Advanced Reporting and BI (Wrike Analyze) - Resource/Capacity and Financial Fields Added

We have added new fields to Wrike Analyze. Users can now build new charts with data on user capacity, effort, and budgeting fields. This is already available to all eligible accounts but to start using the feature, users need to enable it through the Wrike Support Request Form.

Chart View - Now Available in Wrike Labs

Chart view is a new visual and user-friendly analytical Wrike view where users can easily perform their own analysis without relying on a data analyst. You can learn more on this Help Center page.

Request Forms - Mapping To User-Type Custom Fields Added

Now when creating (or editing) a request form users can map user-type questions and answers to the user-type custom fields.

Reports - Effort in Project-Based Reports Added

Users now can add the Effort column to project-based reports. Before they could only do that with task-based reports.

Custom Fields - New Creation Flow Available to Users

Recently we've updated the custom fields management flow. It is available to all users with the Table view and the New Board view enabled.


Import and Export - Updated Import Dialog

The dialog got a new look and feel and we've changed the sample XLS file that you can download from there. The file has only basic fields now. But users can download a more advanced import template from this Help Center page.

Custom Item Types - Two New Options in Custom Item Three-Dot Menu

The first addition to the task-type custom item menu is the familiar Convert to milestone/Convert to regular task.

The second one is the well-known Add to calendar; it's also now available in task-type items.


If you want to learn about Wrike's newest feature updates on a weekly basis go and check out our Weekly Release notes forum on Wrike Community!