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We are working with utilization and performance built in analytic report. Does this report considers booking in "planned time". If not how can we add it inside the formula ? 

What about analyzing data for future dates ? Wrike analyze do not display any data when looking for future dates...


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We have the same need and I believe planned time only looks at task effort and does not include Bookings. As far as I can tell Booking data is not available in Analyze. I hope that is added soon.

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We don't have Analyze yet - but knowing how to do this will be a critical step for us - I'm following so that hopefully users can share their ideas here too!

Here are some other posts I am following / created related to this too:

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Wrike's Report Builder is made up of several panels that walk you through the process of creating a report.
  1. Title. Enter a name for your report in the Title field at the top of the Report Builder. ...
  2. Type. In this section, you can select and change the type of your report. ...
  3. Location. ...
  4. Data source. ...
  5. Based on. ...
  6. Layout. ...
  7. Group by.


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I agree with Jacob Bodnar. I am not sure how Wrike would pull the bookings from a project.

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Antoine Lovergne I'm very familiar with the Analyze tool and have created dozens of custom utilization boards from scratch. I found out the hard way about Wrike's limitations. One of this limitations is analyzing effort for future dates/timeframes. After having numerous advanced coaching sessions with the Wrike team, we realized that it's not a quick fix, but I made sure to provide feedback to the Wrike team so they can implement this feature in the future.

To this day, I've found 2 workarounds depending on the application and the data I'm trying to access:

  • The first method works perfectly for Monthly/Weekly/Quarterly forecasts only at the Project/Task level where I don't need to see the Effort breakdown into smaller timeframes (i.e. weekly or daily), because you'll be hardcoding the timeframe by creating a card as a bucket to allocate the effort, and it might be too much work to create a card for each week or day. To do this, I structure my projects in a way that I can allocate effort to cards that match the timeframe I want to analyze, then on my Pivot Table Widget, I change the Data Source to 'Wrike Core' (where all the project data is located), add a row for 'Project Name', 'Task Name', then I add a formula under Value so I can calculate the Planned Time (effort) by a certain User for my hardcoded timeframe (Task Name). This is how the formula looks:

For example, if I want to see the Planned Time for the month of August '22, I'd make sure to create a card called August 2022, and allocate the Effort to that card on each project. This method has it's obvious limitations. If I need to have granularity at a daily/weekly level, I'd use the second method.

  • The second method is not inside of Wrike Analyze. I use it only to produce custom reports in spreadsheets. I export the Workload Chart to pull all the Effort data for a specific timeframe, then I clean it up depending on what I want to split it by (User or Project), manipulate the data, and then create a macros/custom spreadsheet to do the cleaning automatically If I consider I'll be producing this report frequently. This method is what I use to forecast billing/revenue, track Managerial Accounting, and perform Earned Value Management down to days.

I don't mind elaborating more on this if anyone feels like any of these 2 methods might work for their business case.

Long story short, Wrike can't analyze Effort on future dates, due to limitations on the 'Effort Date' filter because it mirrors the Timelog Creation Date (only looks back, doesn't show future months/weeks/days).

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