New Workload Experience: enabling effort for task


i'm really disappointed by the recent switch to new worload experience
i didn't ask this from my side, i was preatty constrained by Wrike that told me may version is legacy version where maintenance was ended. this is already something that i didn't appreciate, also because i was oblidged to incrase license price. 

i've hundreds of active where i've to do "enable effort" and there is not a way (i ask to help chat) to massive enable all the already exting task.

This is absolutely not acceptable for a business license which cost of thousand of €/years, the total cost of ownership in absolutely unaccepatable. When a functional switch is proposed, oblidge in my case, i expected from a leader market company the lowest impact possible on changes.

It is simply not acceptable, maybe it's time to evaluate something different


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Hi nicola mariucci, thank you for letting us know your feedback! I'm sorry to hear that the change was inconvenient. I'm going to let your Account Manager know about your feedback so they can work with you directly on this 👍

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