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Greetings everyone!

Apologies if this has already been discussed. I'm hoping I can get some advice on using workflow statuses to change assignees.

Example: email creation. 

This is our current blueprint:

So the alternative would obviously be just having one task that moves through a workflow, something like this:


The draw of this is moving to simplified workspace with less tasks. I just can't get past these issues:

  • Scheduling - Each person in the workflow has a certain amount of time to complete each tasks. For example, we usually allot at least 2-3 days for copywriting and 2 days for building and testing. The scheduled date applies to the entire task, not each step of the workflow. Could the new automation features help with this? For example, if the copywriter doesn't change the status for 2 days, he'll be notified. 
  • Transparency - If the designer isn't added as the assignee until 2-3 days into the workflow, he's likely to be surprised. How is he able to prioritize effectively? For example, I like to look at my tasks and say, "I have to do this task in 2 days," so I can plan out my week. 

Does anyone have a similar use case using workflows and dynamic assignees? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Anna Wallace,

I believe the new automation could help you here. I have been playing around and here is a way I think you could incorporate the status change and get the notifications correct. When you create the task assign it to yourself and I am guessing Cole. After you have your first status, you can then use the automation to then set a few things up.

First, you will create a non action automation. To do this open the automation task under your settings, Your first option is to select Tasks, in your Email folder. In my screen shot I will use Not Prioritized. 

Next for triggers you will want to select Task Status doesn't change in. 

Next you can select the number of calendar days, and chose any task characteristic from the list. You probably want to select the Any active status so that as long as the task is active it will trigger the action. Or if you want a specific status to notify on different intervals depending on the status, then you would repeat these steps use the Select Specific Statuses and choose the Work flow status that fits your needs. It will require some time to set up but I think the time spent will be well worth it. 

Once you have the trigger you can then choose the action. The action I would choose is to add a comment or mention. 


You can then type in the comment box whatever you then select Assignees for the mention. 

This should solve the scheduling problem. 

Now for the Transparency problem. From the beginning I said to put you and Cole as the assignees. This would then notify Cole that hey, there is something coming your way. Based on assumptions from what I can tell from your screen shots I would use the automation to then remove your self, and add Aaron to the mix. 

To do this, again, select the trigger point to for tasks in your Email folder as before. 

Your trigger would be a status change trigger, called Task Status Changes to.

Use the specific Statuses option and select the specific option that you would like to notify Aaron, that hey you have something coming up. 

Now you can add the action of Assign task to. 


You can then select user option to select the specific users. 

I would also check the box and reassign from other users. 

I would select as your users, if you checked the box, as Cole and Aaron. This way it will remove you and Cole as assignees and then add Cole and Aaron to the assignee list. Not entirely sure if this will happen for Cole, but logic according to Ryan tells me that it should. You can then also add another action. 

Here you can add a comment or mention again and mention Cole and put something in the comment box like, "Your up". Then add another action and do a Add comment or mention to Aaron that says something to the effect of, "Hey your turn is coming." 

I believe that using this new Automation tool this way will get you the scheduling and transparency that you need to consolidate from a parent task with 5 subtasks to 1 task with the custom work flows. Let me know how it works, or if there is a hiccough some where that we can try and trouble shoot together. 

Hope this helps.


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