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Quick question. We understand that our account is limited to 50 'rules'. We share our account with other departments following different workflows.

Is it best practices to stay within your own workflow even if some workflows have the same status names? Ex. Complete or Rejected or On Hold statuses is common status in some of each department's workflow.

If it's best to follow one workflow for one department, although statuses may have the same name, do the rule count as one for each department's workflow. Hoping that made sense. Ex. For the Marketing department's workflow, if all tasks are changed to complete, the action is to change the project level to complete and archive.

Making this clear will help us plan and manage our automation rules.



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Hi Susan Angustia, apologies for the late reply here. I'm not sure I 100% understood your question, so please let me know if I did. Because it's currently only possible for the action to change status to some actual status and not a status group, it's better to have your rules for specific workflows. And each successful action is counted separately. Hope this helps but please let me know if didn't understand correctly! 

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