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Hi Wrike Team,

After using Wrike for a bit, I want to make some suggestions and hope that this may be implemented in the future.

  • Bullet point is not supported in a table
  1. We can use bullet point in the task description, but it doesn't work inside a table
  • Comment doesn’t support table
  1. It would be nice to allow adding tables in the comment as well
  • Co-authoring of MS office files. For now, check-out, check-in mechanism
  1. Can we have document co-editing feature in Wrike? I think it will be extremely useful

Thank you for the consideration.

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Thank you for sharing these here. As these are suggestions for different features in Wrike, can you please share these three ideas as separate posts? I'd recommend creating a post for each suggestion, with one specific idea as the title and with your further feedback in the body of the post.
For example, your suggestion about the table view could have "Bullet Point Support For Table View" as the title, and you could share your use case for this idea as the main text for the post. Then you could do the same for your idea about the comments field, and again for co-authoring documents.
When you break up this post into three, the Product team will be able to easily find these ideas, and other Community members will be able to provide their own feedback on the suggestion most relevant to them.
If you need any help here, be sure to let me know.
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Good morning, I would like to make a couple of suggestions.

First, if there were an option to send a To-Do List Email weekly, biweekly or monthly it would improve my group's willingness to use it. Secondly, if there were a way to update a series of related tasks (per project) with the first day changing and the rest of the dates following the same time constraints. In the meantime, I have to recreate or duplicate the project. I have a template that has a set number of days between tasks and if I duplicate it and change the first and last date it does update the start and end dates of each task.

Thank you!

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Thank you for posting your suggestions here Janet E Anderson, They will be passed on to the Product team 👍

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else 😊

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