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In search of project management organizations, healthcare or similar that would like to collaborate on best practices.  Particularly interested in those with a high volume of projects and tasks.  How are you managing task assignments and what reports, dashboards or features of automation have been most valuable to your organization? 

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Hi Marcia,

We work in the disability services sector so similar to healthcare. We use Wrike throughout our company. We find request forms very valuable when starting new homes, bringing in new clients, even building out a BCP for COVID-19 which has been very helpful. 

Department heads use dashboards to manage direct reports on tasks, especially when it comes to paperwork that needs to be reviewed on an annual basis. They will have a whole dashboard with a widget for each direct report so that they can look at it in one place. 

Custom workflows with automatic assignee when selected really helps with making sure people get included in the process at the right time. 

Approvals, becomes really important when we need many hands approving documents. For example, we have 4 behavior documents that need to be reviewed by 9 people every year for each of our 160ish clients. The fact that the document can be uploaded into the task, and looked at and a conversation around that very specific document can be had within the task is helpful when changes need to be made. 

Thanks for starting the conversation. 


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