Selective sharing at task level

Is there a way to enable selective sharing at task level? At the moment, to privatize a task, I have to create a subfolder or subproject within a project to privatize certain tasks. It would be awesome if we do not have to create any unnecessary layers just to keep one task confidential.

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Hi Susan Angustia,

You can selectively share a task with additional users that wouldn't have access to the task based on folder/project permissions, but it's not currently possible (as far as I can tell) to restrict access to a single task within an existing project/folder to a more limited audience. In other words, anyone with access to the project/folder where the task exists will be able to see that task.

The only option I see currently is what you've already noted... create a subfolder or subproject with more limited permissions, and move the task to that subfolder/subproject.

This sounds like a good request for the Product Feedback section, to request more granular permissions at the task level, so other Wrike users can vote on this feature request.


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