Wrike API secure webhooks sha256

What must the input string look like to get the correct hash?

I'm using NodeJS Express and if I use JSON.stringify(req.body) it generates the wrong hash because it inputs the following string: [{"oldStatus":"Active","status":"In Progress","oldCustomStatusId":"IEAAPR3BJMAAAAAA","customStatusId":"IEAAPR3BJMAI2V4E","taskId":"IEAAPR3BKQMWDIWV","webhookId":"IEAAPR3BJAAAFJIO","eventAuthorId":"KUACUJX4","eventType":"TaskStatusChanged","lastUpdatedDate":"2019-11-21T14:58:15Z"}]

what should the input string look like?

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Hey Marko!

I've raised a Support Ticket for you, someone should be in contact with you soon!

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