Dashboard widget / Sort by specific workflow and date

Hi community,

i am currently asking myself, whether there is the possibility to create a dashboard widget which shows me all tasks with a specific workflow status and a creation date which is longer in the past than i.e. a day/a week/a month. (but not precisely a day/week/month ago)

What I am trying to organize with that is to show planned tasks with a specific status and duration which someone forgot to start but which are not overdue yet.

By now I am only able to show those status specific tasks with a precise indication when it should have been started - or am I wrong?

I hope I made my point as easy to understand as possible.
Thank you all for helping me with that question!

Best regards,

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Here are some questions and thoughts. Are you wanting those specific times to show up in one section of a dashboard, or are you planning on having one dashboard with a bunch of sections with the different time frames? Have you used the Time frame feature?

Here is an option.

Go to the folder that you want to create a dashboard from. In List view use the filter section and select the status that you want to monitor, you can select as many as you want here.

Next in the time frame feature, I would select the time frames that you want to look at. For example for a week ago I would put a time frame of April 8-19, (guessing that today, April 23, is the day I want to look at the status')

If there are no other filters to apply then click on the three dots at the top and select add to Dashboard then select the dashboard you want top it on. You will then need to name it, in this case you could use Week, or whatever you see fit. 

Once you go to that Dashboard you should see your list of tasks that meet the criteria. Now that it is created, you can update the dates as you see fit. Say we move to next week, April 30, and you want to update the dates of that task, you can simply click on the three dots for that specific widget in the dashboard, and hit edit, and change the dates that now fit that description, say April 15-26. 

Once you hit save the tasks will update automatically.

Now you can quickly get the updates in a couple of clicks. You can then add simlar widgets to this same dashboard for your daily or monthly filters and do the same. 

Hope this helps.


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Hi Ryan,

first of all I want to thank you for your very short-term and detailed answer to my question! Really appreciate it as it is my first topic here.


I also considered to use the time frame as creation date filter but in my opinion this is not a very intuitive way to handle my widget idea.
But maybe there is no other possibilty existing.

However the dashboard would then be dependent on the time frame which I would have to change each day when I only want to automatically display all tasks with a specific status (i.e. "new assigned"), a defined start date and that are a thing of the past from i.e. yesterday on.

Why do I want to do that?
As a product manager I allocate many tasks to other colleagues and I am responsible to organize many projects at the same time.
When it comes to product launches and i.e. the needed marketing package (which gets the workflow "new assigned", has a defined start date and an average duration of 40 days), it is important for me to know about those which have not "started" on time (start = change of workflow status).

Furthermore I do not want to show the marketing packages with start dates in the future at the same time/in the same widget.

I think what I am looking for is something like an overdue alert/overview widget for the start date.

I hope you can follow and that I am not talking in riddles.😅
Otherwise I have to work with the manual time frames...


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 Hi Tobi,

I have not seen anything that defines today + or - days. That would be a great feature and if you want to submit it for product improvement you can add your suggestion to https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000020349-Product-Feedback. People could then vote on this and then it could be picked for a possible upgrade to the system. Outside of that, I am not sure if there is an easier way to do it at this time then having to update the dates within the widget every time. Once the base is in the widget, changing the dates would require some time but would yeild the result you are looking for till Wrike gets around getting this put in, which should be an easy fix I am sure. 


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Hi Ryan,

thanks again for your reply. It's always a nice experience to talk to other WRIKE users 🙂

I will suggest it for a vote for product improvement and in the meantime I use the time frame option.


Best regards


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