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As the admin on the account, I had to generate the API key which is not being used by myself, but by two of our other users.

Now, all tasks & projects that are submitted through that process generate from my account, meaning that I get notified with any status change, comment, creation, etc. because I'm technically the owner and creator of the task/project.

Is there any way for me to edit these notification settings? I'm losing sight of my own tasks.

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Hi Kera, thanks for posting. I think others will actually find this interesting and maybe have been met with the same thing.

The first thing to mention is that Admins are not the only person who can generate an API key, any user in the account can! (more information on this if you need it🙂)

What we'd recommend doing is creating a dedicated user (e.g. an API Bot user) and generating an access token for API requests to be made on their behalf - basically a new user, instead of using your own user profile in Wrike. All you need to do is share relevant data in Wrike with this user. 

Creating this API-user account in Wrike is the best option here to avoid notifications as you've described. You can also use this bot in the future for other API integrations you want to create which is useful and future-proofing solution 🙂

Alternatively, the below options are possible for you.
- control email notification settings from Profile
- unfollow certain Tasks/Folders/Projects if he does not want to receive updates about them

Hope this helps!

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