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Is there a way to download all comments via the comment API. By default I don't want just the last 7 days. I have played around with the updatedDate parameter, but it won't allow me to choose a range larger than 7 days. The API also doesn't seem to support a pageSize. Ideally I want to download my systems entire comment history and page through the comments via the API. Am I forced to do it in 7 day chunks and make an API call for every week? That means I have to hit your servers 52 times for every year of data that I want to download which seems very inefficient.


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My piece of code python3

def get_wrike_task_comments(task_id, start_date):
response = requests.request(
data=f'{{"updatedDate": ["start":{start_date}]}}',
return response.text
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