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I really wish there was a better way to do this....  We have SEVERAL request forms that we have the end user select their project manager, project administrator, or sales person so they get dynamically assigned.


However, if we add an employee or someone leaves or gets terminated we have to remember to update every request form (which never happens) .


So it becomes very difficult.  i wish there was a way to autopopulate these for dynamic assigning

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Here is an idea...if we could assign the tasks to teams within Wrike so then you would just replace the team member and would not have to go back within your request form. 

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Hi Ivon and Devon Marie 👋

I'm wondering for now, if you could create Blueprint with assignees and have the Blueprint launch from the form submission. Granted it doesn't allow the requester to assign but might help with this assigning problem for now as if someone joins or leaves your team you can just update the Blueprint.

Assigning to groups is something the Product Team thinks of often however it's kind of a policy in task assignment to assign a person so there's no confusion around who actually 'owns' the task or is responsible.

I'm wondering if you could also share what process you're using now as a workaround for this idea?

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The blueprint wouldnt work as I only want it assigned to one of those, the project manager on the project for example.  I have a team of (8) so I want to dynamically select it.  With a blueprint it would be assigned to all (8) of them.


I dont want to assign to a "group"  I want to assign to one individual.  However, I want to maintain that dropdown selection in one place. 

For example, we assign a member of our sales team to a task in many different request forms through dynamic form.  If one leaves or joins the company, I need to edit every request form.  I want to have the dropdown dynamically load choices from the group.

Happy to explain over the phone if easier as having this would SAVE ME sooooo many problems with the form setups!

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@Ivan Hi, thanks for providing details and sorry for the long reply here. Currently, it's not possible to automatically update Request Forms the way you describe it. This is a very interesting idea though and our Product team has visibility of it, so thanks for sharing! If you'd like to discuss your process in more detail, please let me know and I'll ask you Customer Success manager or someone from the Support team to contact you 🙌

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