Accessing Project Info via My Work Section

I would like to be able to access the Folder/Project info via the My Work section of the app. Searching for each Project via the Browse tab creates unecessary steps, especially since each of my assigned tasks is so easily viewable from My Work.

As of now, when viewing a task, I can only remove the task from a Folder/Project by clicking on the task's assigned project. But if I clicked on the Project I would have expected it to take me to the Folder/Project level.

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Agree! Would be great to have all Active Projects that users are currently working on show up in their "My Work" section by default. That would definitely be my 1st go to spot to find anything I'm working on including projects or folders if I'm new to the system, not just look for tasks that are assigned to me. Otherwise you may want to label this field as "My Tasks" instead so there's no confusion.


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