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Update: We now provide your Community badge (Orange, Green and Black) in a digital format. Check out this post for more detail and a huge thanks for your contribution 🙌

I'm so happy to announce that we now have a real-time badge program! 🎉
Everyone here continues to make this Community an amazing space to learn, engage and discuss all things Wrike. We wanted to make sure that everyone posting and commenting gain recognition for their contributions.
We have made some changes to the criteria you need to meet to earn a badge. The new criteria are based on a mix between new threads you've started and the comments you've made. This ensures, that as a community badge holder, you've been sharing your own experiences, ideas and best practices, while also contributing to the conversations others have started.
  • Black Badge: Show that you're a Wrike Ninja, that you keep the Community buzzing. Not only do you chat here often but you also display a high level of Wrike expertise. 
  • Hint: Black belts visit Community often and are always seen to help others while taking the time to post new threads about their own Wrike tips and best practices.
  • Green Badge: You've started at least 4 new threads and commented at least 9 times.
  • Orange Badge: You've started at least 2 new threads and commented at least 4 times.
Once you meet the criteria for a Green or Orange badge, you'll see it beside your name across the Community. We ran an update of backlogged badges today, so if you had achieved a badge since our last update, this will be reflected in the Community today. 
The badge program runs a check for new badges twice a day so please give it a little time for updates to reflect online (around 24 hours).
Why would you want a badge? Check out the benefits here.
Any questions, comment below 🙂
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