Problems with dates and task descriptions when creating project from template using request forms


We support multiple languages on our web site and via our customer support, and we need to implement a process to track requests for written content translation.

For example, each time we make a change to any text on our web site, we need to ensure that this text is translated into each supported language. We need to know when all language translations have been completed, and we also need to track how much time is spent on each specific translation request for each language.

Current solution attempt:

We’ve set up a request form for Translation Requests that creates a project from template (see form definition screenshot, attached).

Within this template project, there is a task for each individual language that we support, where each task is assigned to the user responsible for that language translation. Each user will track their time against the appropriate task. Task dates (start/end) are working as we need.

So far, this solution works, with 2 notable exceptions / deal-breakers:

  • Resulting project name: We initially mapped the resulting project to the dropdown list of content types to be translated, but that resulted in multiple projects with the same name. So we need the project name to also include the request date (e.g. “Web site change – 2018-10-15” or “Email template – 2018-10-18”). We did manage to get this working, but only by adding another field to the form to make the user enter today’s date *a second time*. We already have to make the user enter today’s date to get the correct start date on the resulting tasks. Making them enter today’s date once is bad enough, but making them enter it twice just isn’t going to fly.
  • Resulting task descriptions: If we can solve #1, we still have a problem with the individual tasks within the resulting project. The description of what needs to be translated in included in the *project* description. But the individual translators need to see this information in the *tasks* that are assigned to them. It’s not at all intuitive for them to have to navigate to the parent project to view the project description in order to see what they need to do. We’re at a loss on this one.

We’ve tried everything we can think of and have not been able to come up with a solution that works for us within Wrike’s existing capabilities.

At this point, the only path we see is to move our request forms to a more robust form solution such as Formstack, and develop our own API integration for creating the projects/tasks (or possibly use Workato/Wrike Integrate to handle the Formstack/Wrike integration).

If anyone has an alternative solution that will work within Wrike’s capabilities, we’d be most appreciative for any/all guidance.


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Hey Laura, sorry for the delay getting back here! 😇These are all good points and I don't have any direct solutions, but let's discuss a little about how we can do to make this clearer for both the requester and the assignees. Also, thanks for the breakdown, it's super helpful to get that level of insight!

So, let's take a look at the two issues you've raised.

1. So you want Today's Date question to do two dynamic actions. I can see the problem here 😑 

How about you ask the requester for the Start Date, instead of the Today's date twice. It doesn't change much other than giving the requester an option to set a Start Date in the future if needed, meaning they can plan out work they need from the team in advance and it provides you with a more informed result of the requester expectations.

The reason why this is useful; often I want to start a Project, one that involves the Design Team. I want to build out my entire Project and include the Design Team task in my Project. So I create the Request today, even though I don't want them to begin the work for two weeks. With a Start Date option, I can let the team know when the work should begin (two weeks time), and now I can tag the resulting task in my Project and continue planning the rest of my work. 👌

For example, you could ask the questions like this:

Today's Date (as normal)
- Please enter Today's date (the date you made the request).

Start Date
- Please enter the date you'd like the requested work to start. If you need us to start straight away choose today's date.


2. A trickier one here. The main issue here is that there's an element of confusion for the person assigned to the task, I can totally understand why. The solution I can think of here is to add a reminder text in the Description of each task in the Project Template, letting the person know that the copy needing translation is in the Folder description, perhaps even directing how they get there.. When the Project is created from a Request form, this text will be too.

Something like; *Reminder: The copy for translation is in the parent Folder's Description. You can see the parent Folder under the title of the task.

I understand these are not ideal solutions, but I'd like to hear your feedback and if you'll apply these to see if it helps. Our Product Feedback section here is also very useful for suggesting new ideas to out Product Team 👍

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