TimeLog report by Project

I have to finalise the Time Spend reporting for our accounting (IFRS... 😆)

Timelog is a great function, bu I cannot find a way to have a report organise as we need.

I would like to have a report structured by Project (and not by Parent folder):


  • User 1
  • User 2
  • User 3

Currently i can only have this report by "Parent Folder". As we use folder to organise our wor and define project step, this will not work for the reporting.

I know that i can create one report by project. But isn't the goal of Wrike to automate action and avoid unnecessary paper work... ;-)

And in my case, I've currently 40 projects that need to be reported.

Thanks for your help and suggestion....

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Hi, Jonathon 🙌 Can you please help me with a little more detail about what you're looking to capture in this Report. For example, are you looking to get a Timelog by the User, or the tasks in a Project?

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Hi Stephen,


We are a company developing machine, the report will be used to report the R&D hours to our accounting department. For IFRS, we need to know the hours by people done for each project.


What I would like to achieve:

  • Worklog report
  • Restricted report to a month (last month)
  • Group by : Project , User


Currently I can only have

  • Group by : Parent Folder, user


This work in some case, but as soon as we create a sub-folder to organize our work, this didn’t work anymore. For example, ss soon as we add folder for project phase, we cannot have this clear report.

I can create one report by project, but this will mean around 40 reports, that we need to compile every month for the reporting and high mistake risk.


Best solution for us would be

  • Add custom field type “Checkbox” -> “Accounting Reporting”
  • If activated possibilities to see it in one report
  • Crete a report as below
  • Don’t take sub-folder in consideration


May 2018

Project 1              - Accounting Ref X-023

                User 1                                                   12 hours

                User 2                                                   7 hours

                User 3                                                   42 hours

Projet 2                - Accounting Ref X-024

                User 3                                                   12 hours

                Usert 7                                                  5 hours


I hope my explanation is enough clear.





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Hi Jonathan, thanks for this additional detail, it's great to get that kind of insight.

You've mentioned two workarounds here I would have suggested. Either basing your Report per Folder (which I understand can create a lot of different reports). Alternatively, you can create a Custom Field to help filter out certain Projects, again you need to be sure the Custom Field has been manually selected. 

I think a better approach that might work for you is an Account Management feature you can turn on called Catagories in Time Tracking. These are kind of like Custom Fields you can select at the moment you click the timer on a task. Then when you run a Report you can group by Catagory. Let me know if this helps - if not it would be great to get this suggestion posted the product Feedback section so other can upvote and our Product Team can review it 👍

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your support.

I've created a check-box for project that I've to report to accounting. 

I've negotiate with accounting to give only the total of rouse per month (no more need to divide by user).

So much easier, still i didn't find a good and fast way to have it... 

What i can easily have is the list of project for reporting (sorted out with check-boxe) + the total of hours spend on this project. 

I try to find a way to reduce it to the "Time Spend Last Month" on one Project report. No success.

I already cut half of the difficulties ... i hope wrike could help me... 😉 (or that I've missed on magic button...)


I can still do reporting with Time-log report,and "Last Month" selection + project selection, but i've to to 38 manual report + export in Excel + Compilation of date... so... work that could be easily automated... by Wrike ?

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Hi Jonathan, good to hear you're making progress with this. 

If you're using a Custom Field checkbox, then when creating the Report you should be able to select multiple Folders as long as the Custom Field you're using exists in all those Folders.

I'm wondering why you don't select all the Folders (38 of them) when creating the Report!

Sorry if I misunderstood something here 😇

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I think Jonathans initial request is the only userfriendly way to proceed here: Have the option to group the tasks in the time log report by "Project".

This would allow in an appropriate way a standard report every project manager needs: How many time my team spent in a specific timeframe on which project.

Every other discussed way with Customized fields, time log categories, etc. is just some workaround which complicates application and brings sources of error.

The additional Group option Jonathan proposed is convenient, easy to understand and does not unnecessarily complicate the UI.


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Hi @Jens, thanks for reaching out and bumping this thread 🙂

I'll move this post to the Product Feedback section so that other Community members could find and upvote it. Once it reaches 60 votes, we'll add a Product status here.

Happy posting! 

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