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I had a chat with Tim of support. My question was if Wrike can also manage social media posts, kind like Hootsuite. So we can work on one system to do the whole marketing process for our clients. So schedule the social media posts (in front) after approval, let posts automatically send and generate the analytic result of those posts. This separated for every client. So we can manage a dashboard /portal for each of our clients and errors of posting in wrong customer platform are prevented as much as possible. Would be a big plus for Wrike. 

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Hey Mark 👋 Sounds like an awesome idea! Right now, there is no direct focus for our Product Team to create social media features over other essential enhancements, but it's a super interesting idea, thank you for sharing!

You might be interested in this Wrike blog about managing social media content in Wrike. Again, it's not automated approach but it's a great best practice for social teams who use Wrike 👍

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Mark were you hoping to track analytics and such or were you hoping for more planning purposes?


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