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Currently our team is using a request form to create projects. Unfortunately, the user needs to go thru the entire form even if certain item are not applicable. 

Example of question:   Do you need an elevator?  yes



Even if you say no, I need to read the questions below even if you don't need it. 


If the person choose yes, I would like to have the ability to create drop-down or scroll-down questions in that particular situation.  It would be faster and easier for the users.

If the person choose no, you skip automatically to the next applicable question.

Thank you!

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You can sort of accomplish this by having the Yes answer direct the user to a new page with questions and the No answer direct to a different page. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I agree it would be helpful to have additional questions based on answer of the previous question. For one of our request forms I solved this be creating different pages, but it's cumbersome for the request creator/admin and for the users. For example, we have 3 optional images on a form that could be needed. I have to first ask if image 1 is needed. If yes, then user is taken to a new page and I have to ask them what exactly is needed. The submitters feel this is waste of time because it's basically two questions when only one is actually necessary. Next I ask if they need image 2. If not, I ask if they need image 3. This particular request form has 9 pages and is difficult to follow when making changes. 

An alternate solution in my case would be using if-then response directions based on an an initial question. For example, first question would be checkbox to select which images are needed. Subsequent pages would be included based on the repsonse to that question.


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