Inherited sharing turn On/Off on Business Plan

When duplicating a project, I would like our sharing group or users to stay the same, I am not interested in having the folder overruling the entire project permissions and I would like to turn this off.

This feature should be available for Business accounts and should not be discontinued as this is a basic true duplicate feature which duplicate exactly what the project/folder is.

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I have a new Business account, and I want to bump this up. This actually irritates me and comes off a little greedy that you have to pay for an Enterprise plan for very basic functionality that should be in a Basic plan, but at a minimum, the Business plan.

It's seems impossible to have an organization like this:


--Project A (shared with User A, User B)

--Project B (shared with User C, User D)

--Project C (shared with User E, User F)

While maintaining the visibility of the folder structure for all users.

Imagine if Windows 10 Pro didn't include the ability to have disable security inheritance for subfolders, requiring Enterprise edition. There would be rioting in Redmond.

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