Use Unito to Collaborate and Improve Cross-Team Visibility

Many organizations find that different teams utilize different tools to accomplish their work. This is certainly true in my organization, and the different tools meant different logins, different learning curves for each platform, and a lot of siloes with high walls. 

We started using Unito as a middleware API to help us sync projects and folders between platforms - with Wrike as the central hub for it all. This allowed us to increase visibility into what work was happening for other teams (or vendor partners!) and leverage Wrike's ability to cross-tag tasks from the synched folders into the appropriate project. 

Now, our business stakeholders have an understanding of where IT tasks are, or what a vendor is working on, for each project with those resources. It also allows the stakeholders to update due dates, add comments, or send testing feedback to other teams and vendors without needing to leave Wrike. 

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