Visual cues as to how date range was determined


One of the very savvy Wrike users at our company pointed out that he'd like to have a visual cue when he looks at the dates on a task. Something to help indicate what was entered by the original task creator: the date range or the duration? 

• We want to know whether a date was manually entered (“hardwired”?) or computed (e.g. based on dependencies and duration)

• Also, if one clears a manually entered date and there is sufficient information to compute a value, it would be cool to fill in the computed value in real time, i.e. within a few seconds of blanking out the manual value. (Of course, it’s essential that the computed value be displayed in a different style to avoid mass confusion.)

Even just by bolding the one that was manually entered, and leaving un-bolded any other fields that were computed from that. I'm attaching a screenshot with the fields we're referring to (currently, all 3 fields are bolded by default):

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