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We started using Wrike almost 6 months ago with marketer account. We are pleased with its overall functionality except one basic feature which is missing and that is "Inheritance Control". Working in a management software, like anyone else we wish to keep the data in a structured way for entire Organisation. So I defined the folder structured as below:

CLIENT PROJECTS (Level 1 Folder)

  • Client X
  • Client Y
  • Client Z


  • Project A
  • Project B
  • Project C

I want everyone in the organisation to be able to see Level 1 Folders so that they can create new clients and projects at right place. So if I do so then the problem is that everyone can see all clients and all projects under Level1 folder because the child folder is inheriting permission from parent folder. Thats Not acceptable because we ca not give access to everyone to every single client and project. And if I don't share the level 1 folder then we won't be organised and can't keep any structure.

So the only solution is to Turn OFF the Inheritance. Wrike team has implemented that feature BUT they have restricted it Only for Enterprise customers. Even if you have professional account still you can't get that feature. That doesn't sounds good and fair because when we talk about management system then its really a basic level feature that should be available even below professional level. If we talk about GDPR where we have to make sure that permissions are properly implemented for identifiable/personal data then again we are stuck, although we are one level above professional account. So I can say that IF you want to keep your data structured and organised then Wrike is not inline with GDPR below enterprise edition.

I been in contact with Wrike team but the only solution they present is to upgrade entire team to Enterprise level to use that basic feature.

Based on all that I would request/suggest to kindly reconsider the importance/requirement of inheritance feature in a management system as of Wrike and make it available below enterprise level as well. Thank you!

BR // Syed

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Syed, thank you for your post here. I can see the problem you're having. I think the way the Folder structure is created may assist with your setup. I have reached out to your Account Manager who will be in touch to provide some options you could apply as it might be too lengthy and too specific to your account to discuss here. You will hear from them by email in the coming days.
As an aside, thank you for sharing this post so other members can vote and discuss. I can see it already has some votes so this is important for our Product Team to see as it adds so much value to our internal discussions.
If you guys do end up changing your Folder structure after the call, we would love to see the structure that you end up using. 
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I do not think that this issue is specific to Syed account/case.

I would definitely appreciate being able to restrict subfolder access, even if I am "just" a business account manager. This is very important to be able to maintain everything about a project (common knowledge and confidential negotiation) within the same space

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Hi Pascal, you're right and this Request is open to votes and will be sent for to the Product Team for consideration.

I've reached out to your Account manager too to check in and see if they can help in anyway. As Stephanie said, it may be a  little too specific to your account to get into a detailed discussion here.

If there are any takeaways from the conversation you think would be of value to other members here please come back and let us know! Thanks for your input and vote here 👍

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I was going to ask some Wrike commercial exactly about this as well as other access-related topics: I'm on trial and there is absolutely no permission system whatsoever which is strange.


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I have the same problem.  Not being able to control permissions is a huge setback.

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