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It would be useful to be able to create hierarchical folder trees from a template, but with the ability to specify that when you duplicate the folder tree template, that each created folder and subfolder would be prefixed with a user specified prefix, similar to how tasks can be prefixed during duplication.  For example, suppose one had a file structure with, say, 8 departmental folders, and we wanted to create a folder structure to house quarterly key results in four sub-folders.  Think this:

"Engineering Key results" folder contains "Engineering FY18 Key results folder"

"Engineering FY18 Key results" folder contains four subfolders (Engineering FY18 Q1 Key results, Engineering FY18 Q2 Key results...)

Now imagine replicating this for 8 departments in addition to Engineering, and doing it every year. It's a lot of editing.

So to recap - The request is to add a folder duplication functionality that duplicates a folder and all its subfolders, allows you to name the duplicate, adds a selected prefix to every created folder and subjolder, and select where the folder structure is created.



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Hi Peter, this is an interesting idea and I can see how this would save time when dealing with a high volume of duplicates. Thanks for the use case example too. This detail really helps our Product Team understand how something like this would be applied. It's not on our Product Team's roadmap at the moment but I'll update you here if this changes.
As an aside, Kate raised a similar request in relation to auto-populating predefined task prefixes when duplicating Projects so you might find this interesting too. If so please make sure to vote for and add any commentary there too.
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