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What if...

What if apart from adding a specific description for each Folder/Project I could add a "signature text" (weird name, I know, I couldn't come up with a better name) or maybe a "placeholder text"?
  • Note 1: The "signature text" would work similarly to an email's signature - I create/format a "template" in a different section and then just add it to the body of the description or as a footer/end-note with just one click (or maybe two). 
  • Note 2: The "signature text" cannot be modified unless I modify the "template" or make the "signature text" unique to the Folder/Project/Task.
  • Note 3: The "placeholder text" would be just a formatted text (so no dynamic fields although if you can add some dynamic fields that would be great) that I can - once added to the description -  modify freely. 

User Story:

  • I create a new Folder and inside that Folder I have a couple of Projects called: "Floor", "Foundation"  "Walls", etc. .
  • For all the Tasks included in every project I require all measurements in Square Meters. 
  • I add a new member to the team and, for some reason, he measures stuff in Sq. Ft. and Yards.
  • He completes all his tasks however he delivered something that I cannot use - or that needs some extra processes so I can use it. He is not wrong, I should have told him that I was using the metric system and not the imperial one. 
  • Now, imagine that I have 25 Folders (because I oversee the construction of 25 different buildings in different countries) with 10 Projects per folder. Each Project represents a different construction process.
  • So I'm managing 250 Projects on here and each one can have an unlimited amount of Tasks.
  • People come and go, some use the metric system, others use the imperial one and a few don't even bother to add such crucial information. 
  • Also, sometimes I use Wrike on my phone, others on the web (using my friend's computer), sometimes on my personal computer.

Request 1 - Signature Text:

  • I would love to be able to create a signature text (and not just one, a bunch of them) somewhere on the site/software/app. 
  • Then I would just simply click a button to add the text to each new Folder/Project/Task (maybe as a footer or maybe in a new section similar to the "comments section"). 
  • This way I can communicate some info to the team - info that they need to remember constantly - without having to copy/paste some info from my computer (because maybe I'm at my friend's house).
  • Once I have added the signature text I could define it as "unique to this Folder/Project/Task" so if I modify it, the changes would no affect other Folders/Projects/Tasks that contain that text.

Request 2 - Streamlined signature text:

  • I would love to be able to streamline the logic included in "Request 1" - meaning: 
  • I would love to do something similar to Request 1 but directly in the "Create Project / Create Folder" window (the one in which you can choose the "Default view").
  • This would work if I had already created a "signature text". However, the option to "Create new signature" should be present in the "Create Project / Create Folder" window.

Request 3 - Placeholder text:

  • The idea behind the "Placeholder text" is to avoid having to check and re-check other Folders/Projects in order to remember what kind of information (and its formatting) to include in the description of said Folders/Projects.
  • I would love to be able to just click a button and select from a list (or from a pop-up window  or something) a formatted text that I have already created somewhere on the site/software/app.
  • Said text would then become the "Description" of the Folder/Project.
  • From there I would just need to change the text and make it specific to the Folder/Project I'm working on. 
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Hi Ricardo, I understand how this could be helpful, especially when you need all data to be in the correct format in terms of using units, terminology, languages etc. so thanks for sharing here! I just have a few questions so I fully understand how this might look in Wrike.
Would the signature and placeholder text be added when you created the initial parent Folder/Project and then be automatically included in every subsequent Folder, Project, and Task you create?
Do you think a highlighted signature/placeholder at the top of the description section would work for this or an auto-generated comment in the comment section?
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Hey Stephen, 

I actually went ahead and developed the idea a bit further.

Also, just to clarify: In my head the "Signature text" and the "Placeholder text" are two different ideas. 

Let's talk about the "signature text" first:

The "signature" can potentially be assigned at the "Tier 1" level (regardless if it's a project or a folder) and it would always be present in the "Tier 2", "Tier 3", etc. folders/projects/tasks that are contained in said project/folder. 

There are some problems with this implementation in the real world because in one folder I could have 3 different projects (each project assigned to a different team in a different country or for a different client) and maybe I need to give like different "instructions" to each team.

So the "Assign the 'Signature' to Tier 1 and then it automagically appears in Tier 2, Tier 3" idea is easier to implement (I think) but in the long-run your Users would be like "One size does not fit all".

I have included a possible solution to this problem in the images attached below. 

With that in mind there's another thing that I should mention:

I actually discussed this idea with one of my friends and he thought that the name "Signature" was confusing. So I think a better name for it would be "Notice".

Finally, as I said before, I went ahead and developed the idea a bit further so check out the images below and let me know if they make sense.

P.S. I have a ton of ideas for how to improve Wrike, but I'm limited to the scope of the "Free Account".

Image 1: A previously written "Notice" can be selected when creating the new Project/Folder; or a new one (via the "New notice" button) can be created. 

Image 2: If "New notice" button is clicked, then do not reload the entire page - make use of the space you already have. 

Note 1: I would not recommend including all the options available in the "formatting" thing. Maybe just: "Bold", "Italics", "Underline", "Strikethrough", "Ordered/Numbered lists", "Increase/Decrease indent", "Insert Link" and "Insert Table".

Note 2: The "Behavior" option (it looks so weird in American English, looks better as "Behaviour" but anyway) is where you select if the "Notice" affects all the projects/folders/tasks included in "Tier 2", "Tier 3", etc.

So, "Trickle down" does affect everything included in the "Tier 1" Folder/Project. "Unique" makes the notice unique for that Tier (so it does NOT show in the "Tier 2", "Tier 3" folders/projects/tasks.

Image 3: The "Notice" appears at the top of the description of the Project/Folder.

Note: The "Notice" has its own "Status" >> "Not read" or "Read". This would be extremely useful when managing projects because that would give me more visibility about who has read the notice and who has not. I cannot develop this idea further as I don't know if I can connect this with something else as I have a "Free Account".

Image 4: Notice appears when clicking on the "Notice" text.

Note: The notice has an "OK" button that basically means "Ok, I have read the notice". So, as a PM I can say to my team members: Did you read the Project's Notice? If they say "Yes" and they are lying I can check somewhere on the site/app.

Image 5: After clicking "OK" on the notice, its status changes to "Read".

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Finally, you mentioned that the "Signature Text" (new name: "Notice") could be added as an auto-generated comment in the comment section. 

I would NOT recommend this mainly because you guys have a massive problem with the comments section (I think I added a post on the "Product Feedback" forum related to this topic). 

Probably you already know this (because a ton of people have pointed it out) but the comments should appear in "Reverse Chronological order" (or at least I think that's how it is called).... meaning: New comments should appear first. 

So, whenever you guys change that (because I think a lot of people are requesting said feature) if the "Signature/Notice text" appears as an  auto-generated comment it would end up at the bottom of the comment section (and that would defeat the purpose of having something being noticed by the team).

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Hi, has this been resolved? I see it has been several years since the original post but no follow-up.

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Hi Kirk Rehkop, welcome to the Community 👋

This suggestion has been passed on to our Product team according to our process, but for now, they don't have such plans. It would help if more users could upvote this suggestion as the number of votes shows how much interest there is for each particular suggestion. Here's more detail on that, but please let me know if you have any questions! 
If you'd like to know what this Community has to offer, please check out our New to Community forum 🤗

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