Task permalink using V3 IDs

I want to create a URL to a Wrike task out of information returned by a task query to the API.

It looks like querying tasks with the API gets you a task ID that looks like "IEAGIITRKQAYHYM4". From the ID querying page on the API docs, this appears to be a V3 ID. The V2 IDs appear to look like "25420188", which is what all permalinks I've seen use (eg https://www.wrike.com/open.htm?id=25420188). If you replace this V2 ID in that URL with a V3 ID, it doesn't take you to the task. How can I create a permalink using a V3 ID (or how can I get a task query to give V2 IDs rather than V3)?

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Looks like it was right under my nose - a permalink field is actually included in the task JSON response, in addition to its V3 ID.

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