Remove "show more" from comments

Please remove the "show more" from comments on tasks. I shouldn't have to click that on every comment, this wastes a lot of time. Comments are an important part of tasks. Most often they are instructions or feedback, they should be fully visible without having to click anything.

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Wow, I see this thread goes back a while...

My team would like to be able to use, for example, "find in page" functionality to locate important information relevant to current work. Unfortunately, the information is frequently hidden, so either we must unfold each comment, looking for the relevant details, or resort to the Wrike search box and a) hope we have the correct search terms, and b) wade through irrelevant results that happen to match.

I'd very much like to see the entire comment rather than the "show more" link, but I know that there are probably other users with different stories. I would be satisfied if this were a user setting.

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On a similar topic, and for similar reasons, we'd like to be able to see the entire comment thread from the beginning of time without having to click through one or more "Show More Updates" links.

This is about being able to find relevant information efficiently.  Again it would be fine if this were a per user or per folder setting.

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Hello everyone

Anastasia March 09, 2017 15:05

@Dave, thank you for commenting here and weighing in on the feedback! I checked in with our Product Managers and wanted to let everyone know that the team is already working on making the "Show More" functionality smarter. Thanks for sharing your ideas about this here! :)

How to progress in that case? 

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Please fix this show everything please please please


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@Emilia Is there any update on this?  Is it smarter now?

I use the find command a lot and if it is hidden, it doesn't work, so I would rather have it always show everything or at least the ability to have a show all button.  Thanks.


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