Transfer all Tasks/Projects/Folders to a successor

We had an associate leave our company and I need to adjust all of their tasks/projects/folders to their replacement. I can find the article of what happen when you transfer,  but cannot find any steps on how to actually execute. Anybody have any tips?

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hey dan! we just did this not too long ago. Go into your settings. click on that user and select Delete User. It will then give you an option to transfer the predecessors information onto the successor. heres an article that goes more into detail:

hope that helps! 


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Hi Dan!
We have lost eight people in the last year to the Great Resignation. I have learned that when you have one or eight people to remove from Wrike, it helps to rename the folders generated by the Wrike delete user process and add the former user's name or job title. I use Spaces for each department and Folders to share common work with each of the departments. It got a little confusing when I started finding random/anonymous "Assigned Tasks & Projects" folders in various projects. I would have to chase the folder down to see who had been working on the project to be sure I replaced them with the new person in their job. 

Granted this is likely just the situation we found ourselves in with losing so many team members while still moving through hundreds of tasks a week, but every little trick helps!

Oh! And if you put an "x" in front of the former team member's name, it will keep the folders together in your Projects and Folders list.  Good luck!



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